Sacrifice your dreams.
Sacrifice your dreams.
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Makoto and Haru as Best Parents of Year 2014


I’ve seen a few of these and I really wanted to do this myself! :)
* Must be following Me
Only Reblogs count
* Deadline: August 1st 2014.

* Chihiro Award: 
Blog with the best URL
* Suzuki Award: Blog with the best theme 
* Sophie Award: Blog with the best edits
* Setsuko Award: Blog with the best icon
* Arrietty Award: Blog With the best reblogs
* Kiki Award: The Kindest Blogger
* Mei Award: Best Overall blog
* Ponyo Award: My Absolute Favorite blog

There will be 1 winner for each category + A Runner up.

* 10 Promos for each winner
* I will follow both the winners and runner ups
* A gifset or edit requested by winners only
* My love. :)

If there are any more questions you can always message me! :) <3

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"So I’m not a BL character after all!"
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Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-Kun » Chiyo Sakura

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Any animes I should gif?

If you have any suggestions let me know :) <33

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Karneval + Nai

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' Please don't start a fire here..

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Ponyo » Inside Sosuke’s House

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Howl’s Moving Castle + The Parade

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I knew you were good. <3

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Laputa + Opening
Requested by pokemornstar

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BarakamonHanda Sensei — Episode 4

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Kirito and Asuna’s Date - -
- which may or may not have made me cry

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